Today was our last day of sculpture – next week: painting! I’m really looking forward to it which is not to say that I haven’t enjoyed sculpture but I always knew that it was an unlikely fit for me and so it is. Somehow, I cannot think in 3D – it all just comes out in line so that even if that line is made of wire it’s still effectively a 2D drawing. Anyway, I’ve a photo here of the clay relief project we did last week. My classmate Serena took it and she was also the model for the drawings – not that you’d recognise her on the street from my doodles! The photo is actually of the plaster cast taken from the original relief, still stained red from the clay. I’ve cleaned a lot of that off so that it is now white but I think it would be a nightmare to try and get a good photo of that so try and use your imagination 🙂

Plaster cast of clay relief


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