Given my problems with models, I made an executive decision to turn to the most reliable person I know: me! I got the mirror out and cleaned it (bit dusty) and sat down. Drawing yourself is an odd thing, you really have to look and face yourself as closely and carefully as possible. It made me think of Β images of women in this culture and how we see them, close up on magazine covers or blown up to huge proportions on billboards requiring editing to make them seem ‘normal’ (ask Sarah Palin). I can’t pretend that I am the most beautiful woman in the world but I can look presentable. But is that all a face is for? I’d write more but I’m busting for the loo and lunch has to be made!

Pencil on paper


9 responses to “145

  1. I really like how you managed the eyes & glasses – with one eye half hidden. It makes the drawing very dramatic.

    • Well, it’s so that at my exhibition people will look at my self-portrait and then at me and say: ‘you’re much younger in real life!’

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