Dear readers, an irregular and momentous event occurred in our household today: yes, the husband shaved off his beard. It happens approximately 3.5 times a year. The last time he did this our youngest took a while to realise who the strange man was, but today she seemed quite cognisant that the strange man is her father. However, what does this mean for me? Apart from being married to a strange man, well, it means that it requires slightly more than a bit of shading around the nether regions of his face to render the husband in graphite. I tried today, a continuous line drawing, while he was sitting in the lounge earlier today. I had forgotten that I’d had to do it in a hurry – ‘Can I go now?! I need the loo.’ – and noticed a couple of mishaps when I did the scan: his arm’s very odd and I didn’t do one of the lenses in his glasses. Oh well. I’ve come to the conclusion that the relative ‘co-operation’ of our models is the difference between me and Picasso. I swear.

Graphite on paper


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