I haven’t spent a lot of time on today’s drawing. For the last few Fridays I have come home from college with a plethora of pictures to choose from, but today we made a relief sculpture which I left there and so have nothing to show for my toil! So, instead, it’s a quick continuous line drawing of my favourite (!) subject: the Husband. He remarked that it was very good but I had given him “a honker”. I elected not to mention that in fact I had been very kind to him and rather flattering in my portrayal of his “honker”. Let sleeping honkers lie, I say.

In other news, I was awarded a very nice blogging award by Winloseordraw which I have yet to respond to 😛 I will try and do that tomorrow but you can see the link to it in the comments on my About page. Thank you very much!

Pencil on paper


3 responses to “139

  1. Congratulations on your blogging award! I always enjoy reading/viewing your posts 🙂 If you ever have the inkling, I’d love to see some of the sculpture you’re creating at college. It sounds like you’re in a great program.

    • I’m really enjoying it – shame it’s only 12 weeks! I’m doing my last week in sculpture on Friday and we have to bring it all home so I will endeavour to take reasonable photos :S not my strong point!

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