Hmmm. Been a bit down in the dumps today and haven’t done any fresh drawing. Haven’t done any since Friday in fact and need to do some homework for this Friday which, well, goodness knows when I’ll do given that Thursdays are always manic. Anyway, here’s the eldest posing for me in the bath. Got her limbs a bit wonky but then she kept saying, “have you finished? What bit are you on now? Tell me when you’ve finished, won’t you? Have you finished yet?!” etc etc. Did Picasso have to put up with this? I think not!

Pencil on paper


4 responses to “137

    • 🙂 That sounds interesting! It reminded me of an interview I watched on the BBC’s Culture show that Andrew Graham-Dixon did with one of Lucian Freud’s models – I forget his name – who had videoed Freud painting him. It was a weird experience watching the footage but such an interesting viewpoint!

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