Today’s drawing is one I did on Friday and wanted to put up yesterday. Today I discovered that I don’t need my SD card reader – there’s a little cable that came with the camera which I could have used instead. Ah well. You live and learn! Anyway, this is another drawing of Serena but done with my left hand. I’m fairly dexterous with both hands – I write with my right but there are a lot of things that I do with my left. My mum used to yell at me when I was a teenager to do that properly with my right hand. She says now she didn’t know at the time that people could use both or different hands for doing things. Bless her! It made me a bit confused though… Still, I found drawing with my left quite comfortable. And in fact I felt that most if not all of the class drew well with their other hands; I was surprised.

Sorry about the darkness of the image – I had to take a photo again and I’m just not sure yet the best way to do it.

Charcoal on paper


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