So I have capitulated to my cold-ridden self and am putting up another print. It’s of a fellow student of mine who was across the class from me, doing her stuff and minding her own business, unlike me. I did try today though – lest you think I gave in too quickly! I went to the park with the kids and we visited the little farm there. I admired the pigs, alpacas, chickens and ponies and I tried: I got out my sketchbook and pencil and everything. But there were lots of people around, moving in and around me and I just didn’t feel comfortable at all. I couldn’t relax and I knew the drawings would be terrible. So after a few feeble attempts – erased – I gave up. Sigh. People have told me it gets easier to do. Maybe when I’ve grown a bit more confident in my drawing it will be, but for now je regrette…

Monotype on newsprint


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