I’m nearly a third of the way through my year and reflecting back over the last four months I realise that I could never have imagined how far I would come. I’ve asked a lot of questions in this blog and I’ve actually worked through some of them to get answers – astounding! It has been so worthwhile writing down this process and I can see how it has changed me: today the girls were looking cute on the sofa and I responded with, ‘I must get my sketchbook and draw this!’ (which I did) and not, ‘where is the camera?!’ This feels to me to be a monumental shift in my thinking, to seek to record with my pencil first. 

And so to today’s drawing, one of a few, which started as an attempt to capture my eldest sitting on the sofa and drawing on the iPad. The face ‘happened’ as these things do and it seemed to ring  with something familiar. I think it is Tenniel’s drawing of Alice in Wonderland – a kind of exaggeration of the proportions of Alice’s head to her body – but I may be dead wrong and it’s just wishful thinking on my part! If you see it too, let me know that I’m not going bonkers! There are some problems in the drawing – the legs especially – but as ever, she moved m’Lud! 

Pencil on paper


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