It’s 11:30pm on the night of my birthday. (Huzzah!) I’ve been at college, looking after the kids, cooking, bathing and fighting and then this evening I had my art homework to do – for tomorrow.  Yes, I may now be in my, ahem, mid-thirties, but it seems nothing has changed since school!

Anyway, I’ll be out for a meal next week but here’s the homework: use sketches from your sketchbook to make a large (A2) drawing… It was too big to scan so I had to photograph it. Not sure how to do that well. I have chopped off a bit on the right hand side because I didn’t like it that much.

I could never have planned this drawing, but I think I like it. After taking the photo I did go over the lines of the woman in the left hand corner with charcoal to really root her into the picture. Sorry you can’t see that but here it is.

Charcoal, ink on paper


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