On a previous post I mentioned my relationship with the Black Dog. Saturday was a particularly awful day when the darkness just seemed to grow thicker as the hours went by. Still, you go to bed, you sleep, you wake up on a new day and you can start again. What a blessing sleep is. Truly. I told a good friend that if I were to draw a cartoon of Saturday I would have the dog huge and me pushed up against the wall. Well, a couple of days have passed and perhaps because things are a bit lighter at home that isn’t quite the cartoon I’ve drawn. Instead, you’ll need to be familiar with Clifford: the Big Red Dog! My eldest was a big fan for a while and we watched a lot of Clifford. Even now, writing this post, I’ve got the theme tune running through my head. Anyway, that’s the reference.

Click to enlarge.

Pencil on paper, digital colour


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