What a day! As I am sure  you remember, I started the pre-foundation in art course today: I loved it. I came home feeling like a wrung out rag doll but very happy indeed. Our first project was to work on a collaborative drawing which was scary – it was huge – but immensely freeing. We really played around with the materials and the process was stimulating and informative and just plain fun. Who doesn’t want to finger paint and drip ink onto paper? In the afternoon we had to collect around 20 sketches around and about. Because of the weather, this mainly meant indoors. I struggled initially – I began to get bored quite quickly with the sketches of brickwork, leaves, stairs. It took me fifty minutes to ask myself what I really love to draw and remember that I love to draw people. People! And actually this, I realise, is the answer to a question that I have been pondering on and off for the three months – nearly four – that I have been doing this blog: what do I want to draw? What is my subject? People, other people. It is a great discovery for me! Alas, I had only ten minutes of sketching time to follow it up, so I went and sat in the library and did my best. Below are a couple of quick sketches, trying to capture the pose and shape of people before they moved. I think I have been well-prepared to do this as you’ll know if you’re a regular reader.

One other thing came out today which is that most of my co-students also had a hard time doing the public sketching project that I commemorated in the previous post to this one. I thought that I was alone in my fears but far from it. Our tutor encouraged us to believe that we will gain confidence and courage as time goes on. I hope so. I hope that I will soon be sketching in church as Gwen John did – so watch out you fellow parishioners!

Graphite on paper


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      • I’ve been doing art pretty much daily in one form or another for about 14 years.

        If I could give you some advice its this: don’t throw away any of your sketchbooks or artworks from this time period. You’ll look back on it in the future and get a real kick out of it.

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