So much to do and so little time, c’est la vie – n’est-ce pas? Ne Parles pas le francais? Neither do I, very well. Hmmm

Start again: I’ve been a happy busy bee today. I’ve been making notebooks while watching ;The Voice UK’. Don’t ask how I’ve got sucked in – I have no idea. But I’ve also been preparing sketchbook pages for a trip tomorrow to the National Gallery for project that I have to complete before I start my course on Friday. FRIDAY! And I may have mentioned this before but I am freaking scared of sketching in public. So I have been putting it off and the only reason I’m doing it two days before the course and not one is because the husband is going for a course himself on Thursday afternoon which precludes any gallery jaunts pour moi that day. (Where is all this French coming from?!) So there may be something interesting to put here tomorrow night – or possibly just a cartoon of me relieving myself in the corner of the National Gallery. Anyway, hopefully it will make up for tonight’s drawing which is a doodle I did to test out my printer for making  patterned endpapers for the notebooks. It actually printed as it appears on the screen – mine that is, can’t vouch for yours – which was a great acheivement and took many hours of reading about ‘Color (sic) management’ and sRGB spaces. Et voilá!

Pencil on paper, digital colour (not sic) 🙂


One response to “108

  1. I love the patterned end paper. Are your notebooks for public consumption soon?:) have a wonderful day today and I look forward very much to tonight:-)

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