If you’re in the UK and you have children of a certain age than you won’t need me to explain who Mr Tumble – from the brilliant CBeebies series Something Special – is. Today’s drawing/cartoon is an actual quote from the husband after playing with the kids. He may not, perhaps, have looked quite like this but I think it’s a good look on him actually. Apart from the missing foot. That was the paper ending before I wanted it to. Perhaps if I was bothered enough to do a light rough sketch first and took the trouble to then arrange my drawing so if would fit on to the page, I could avoid such amputations in the future.  Nah! Not at this time of night!

Pencil on paper, digital colour


4 responses to “107

    • Hey Tia! Sunil and I liked your blog! Especially the new comic with Wolverine, made us laugh out loud 🙂 Do you draw and scan? That’s what I do and then I do colour it digitally using Serif Photoplus – dunno if you’ve heard of it, it’s like a cheaper photoshop. I lassoo select the outline and then bucketfill the colour. Makes a huge difference I think.

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