Something unusual occurred in the household today – or rather somethings unusual happened today. One is that we put some music on and the other is that the kids and me danced. Well, them dancing is not so unusual but me dancing is. I really enjoyed it and realised how much I do miss music and all that comes with it. Maybe we’ll hear more in the house now, I hope so. Anyway, today’s drawing is a cartoon of me dancing. I wanted to do the girls as well because they were both so funny – the eldest has learned way too many moves  from Strictly! Oh my! But I’m not used to drawing them and it was taking too long. It’s funny how much drawing particular things becomes easier the more you do – and I do draw myself pretty often, horrors! – and you do have to learn how to see and draw each new thing and practise it: each drawing is a microcosm of the larger skill you are trying to acquire. See what I mean? Anyway, my husband paid me the compliment of saying my drawing captured myself exactly. Hmmmm….

(Also, you may be wondering about my hair – or probably not – but you see the thing is that it needs a cut which is why it is long enough now to tie up. Hence it’s not in my usual style.)

Pencil on paper, digital colour


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