You’re going to tell me soon that cartoons of my husband are as ubiquitous in my blog as drawings of chairs – and you’d be right. The problem is that he stays still unlike other residents of my flat. And while I do have other furniture, chairs are more interesting than tables, desks and kitchen cupboards. Anyway, the husband it is today, in work mode  (spot the difference with the other cartoon of him racing!). I’m posting early for a change in order to avoid yesterday’s mishap but also because a cousin is coming over tonight so no doubt we will play cards and drink port and I can’t really see myself diving off after an hour to quickly sketch… a chair? Nope, I don’t think so!

Pencil on paper, digital colour


4 responses to “103

  1. LOL very good – drawing and T’s thought:-) You won’t believe this – Marty and DAve turned up for home group tonight!:-)

    • 😀 oh dear! Did you entertain them? What did you do? At least we know they’re still enthusiastic!

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