We’ve been having some nice weather here today in Dorrrrrrrset. The rain came this evening though – for which I was thankful. Tomorrow we’re off to the aquarium in Bournemouth (I think, plans are always apt to change). I’m promised that there are some otters there so I will take my pencil and sketch pad in the vain hope that I might draw one. For tonight though I felt a bit lethargic – I’ve been planning some cartoons that I wanted to draw but didn’t have the energy (sorry Drew!). I will do them soon. Instead I looked around disconsolately, wondering what to draw. “Oh,” said the husband, “you haven’t drawn me for a while.” I think perhaps he feels neglected so I have caught him doing what I often see him doing these days: pretending to be an F1 racing driver (Sebastian Vettel in particular) courtesy of the iPad that we were given so that we could do something on it more useful than just playing games. Well, I ask you!

Pencil on paper, digital colour


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