Ooh! We’re getting close to a century here – I may have to have a party!

School broke up today for the Easter holidays. Ours finishes at 1:30 pm for some reason so we had both the girls at home this afternoon. We played cricket, the elder and I, while I tried also to keep an eye on the little one. She seems to have retained yesterday’s fascination for stones and held on to two of them grimly while stomping around the perimeter of the garden; when she thought I wasn’t looking she licked them. Immunity, I kept telling myself, immunity.

When I was exhausted I bundled them inside, forcibly, and stuck them in front of the box. Ah, I thought, I’ll attempt to draw the little one’s face. Well, she may not run off and find something more interesting elsewhere but she nods and talks and shakes her head, she leans to the side, waves her hands, looks at her feet: in short, I gave up. And with what I had I attempted to draw her hair. It’s ok but it does remind of some (I think) 80s posters, drawings of actors and pop starts and such like. Or I maybe completely wrong about that however after looking at it I did decide that tomorrow it’s back to copying a Van Gogh!

Sorry about the ‘cyclops’ effect…

Pencil on paper


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