I’ve been reading about and looking at paintings of Gwen John. She was Welsh but spent most of her life in and near Paris. She used herself as a model quite often in her work and also sketched people in church. I would so love to have the courage to do that! Anyway, if I can’t yet do the latter I have tried the former. Here’s a self-portrait with my hair up at the back. Sorry about the half-rubbed out shading under my neck – I did it, changed my mind and was half-hearted about it. It always looks worse once you’ve scanned it in but I just can’t be bothered to do it all again!

Pencil on paper



4 responses to “Eighty-six

  1. I think today you saw yourself in your older years. I love the sketch but its not the woman I saw on Sunday:) I so look forward to you sketching in church.

    • 🙂 I think it’s because I was concentrating so hard on drawing myself that I look a bit stern and maybe a bit older.

      When I get my courage up I’ll draw in church. I have brought my sketchbook but I haven’t felt able to get it out!

    • … Sitting next to you dressed as Spiderman with a basket of daffodils? 😉 Ooh, there’s an idea for tonight’s drawing!

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