No Van Gogh tonight, but a painting that I did at the same time as Forty-seven. I didn’t like it at the time so I didn’t include it but it has grown on me, slowly. It’s odd how things can look different after a time – days, weeks, years. I think that it is true that a lot of our seeing is done less with our eyes than with our… heart? mind? soul? I’m not sure which of these – if any – is the right word but what I mean to say is that seeing is a whole person thing which is why things look different to us after some time – because we, as humans in time, are different: our emotional state, experiences, even our physical state affects our perception. Well, that’s what I think anyway. Or perhaps it is late – again – and I should have finished the drawing earlier when my thoughts would not have tended towards madness!

Watercolour on paper


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