Crikey! What’s happened? It isn’t even 6pm and I’m already posting a drawing! Well, there’s a blue moon rising you see. Anyway, I tried drawing my eldest as she watched CBeebies. It was difficult – like her father she moves. I showed it to the husband who was making biryani in the kitchen, ‘Oh! It looks like you! Look,’ he says, and puts a turmeric smeared finger onto the drawing to cover something up to show me that it does indeed look like me. All I could see was a small yellow smear.’Humph!’ I said. ‘Get your fingers off!’ I must also add, needlessly I think, that it does not look like me. My daughter also says it doesn’t look like me. Or her. ‘It just looks like a pretty girl.’ Well, if that’s what I’ve achieved, then that’s what I’ve achieved!

Pencil on paper


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