I admit it – I was going to look for another old drawing to put up. It is late; it’s 23:19 now! Anyway, the husband said I should do a drawing, something from inside of me. I said I didn’t want to do that because it always ends up being rubbish. He said, well, he said a lot of stuff, and I didn’t really listen. Instead, I started to draw the back of his head and then he moved so I asked him to go back to where he was and then we had a lot of ‘left a bit… bit more… no turn away, no, not like that, wait!’ and then I drew and it was rubbish. So the short of it is I drew my slipper. I tell you what it is because I worry that you won’t get it. My husband did, but then he is very familiar with my slippers. While they are not exactly from my inside, I can tell you that my slippers – along with my cardigan – are very dear to my heart.

Pencil on paper


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