Walking to school today, the eldest daughter and I saw our first blossom of the year: beautiful cherry blossom, one or two flowers and lots and lots of buds. On my return, I was a bit naughty and snapped off a small twig to put in a glass at home. One flower was already partly open with a large bud next to it. Through the day I’ve been watching them bloom; it has been beautiful Alas, my drawing does it no justice! Tomorrow I hope to try a painting – maybe one or two through the rest of the week as the buds open. I hope the little branch lasts for the week!

Pencil on paper


2 responses to “Fifty-eight

  1. You’ve captured the twists and turns of the twig & buds beautifully. (Also, jealous of your weather. It’s -20C here in Atlantic Canada.)

  2. Thank you – you’re definitely too kind!

    I cannot imagine -20c! I find it hard when it reaches freezing. Can you even take your little one to the park in that kind of weather?

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