First Sunday of Lent. Lots of discussion in the house as to what we’re giving up. I’m supposed to be giving up shouting. My eldest (she comments here from time to time) tells me that I’m not doing very well. Alas, she is right. So I told her that she’s not doing very well either. Given that she’s six and I’m thirty-something, it is clear just who is the more mature between us. Perhaps I’d best move on… Tonight’s little offering is a small painting-doodle that I did in a moleskine watercolour notebook which I’ve had for ages but couldn’t bring myself to paint in until now. I’m glad I’ve done it; I hope that it’ll be the first of many. I enjoyed the painting and then putting the pencil on afterwards – it seemed to prevent me (almost) from doing a fill-up-the-shapes number. And I like the result. It hasn’t any particular point – nothing was on my mind except watching what the paint did and trying to add something fitting. I did put some green spots that I didn’t like later and tried to remove, or reduce at least. As well as my brush, I used kitchen towel and an old toothbrush, water-soluble pencil and ordinary pencil. Hope you like it!

Oh – the husband said it looks like Creation so that’s what I named it.

Watercolour, water-soluble pencil and pencil on paper


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