I spent the day looking after the kids while the husband was out. He came home and 20 mins later I left for the church quiz. Good fun especially as we won! Hoot hoot! Whilst there undergoing the rigour of calculating the number of times the Israelites marched around Jericho, I also doodled Terry (aforementioned friend as I am sure you remember) and another friend, Drew. Drew does not follow my blog but I do not hold this against him -much. Terry contributed a few lines to my doodle: those under his armpit and the string attaching to Drew’s head thus making him like a balloon. I found it funny just because I think it is funny – but maybe it’s one of those things that you just had to be there. If so, apologies! I am posting it despite that risk simply because it’s late – as usual – and I can’t draw anything else now. I do hope that I will do better next week, in a lot of things!  Have a peaceful Sunday.

Pencil on paper


One response to “Fifty-six

  1. It is very funny indeed:-) I like the bits added by Terry and think the two of you have great potential as a double act:-) It’s a very good reflection of Ts cuteness (weirdo?!) And drew really should sign up!:-)

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