Hmmmm… what to say? In today’s drawing/painting you will see centre-stage my panda of old. I nicked it from my mum’s bed when I was but a toddler and it’s been with me e’er since – cross continents and colleges. Well, college. I painted this in my old sketchbook which is a fairly cheap one from Cass Art. The paper is lovely and smooth and I enjoyed painting on it. I must get another one as this was done on the penultimate leaf. One other thing is that I must, I must, I MUST start doing this earlier in the day and be more patient or atleast plug in the hair dryer next to where I’m working. For goodness’ sake?! When will I ever learn!



3 responses to “Fifty-four

  1. Hi Five to Panda! he really has gone the distance, lovely to see him again. I’m really enjoying the daily follow up, its become a bit of a treat looking forward to your latest masterpiece’ I particularly like your honesty in your write ups, they make me smile. xx

    • 🙂 they usually come out of desperation – seeing as I leave them untill the very last moment possible. Arghhhh! x

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