Today I finished a drawing that I started yesterday – which has to be a first for me! I don’t think I’ve ever carried something over a day. I’d decided yesterday that I need to try and do a picture and as I couldn’t decide what to do and arrange it, I thought I’d choose a photo of anything and copy it. The photo I chose is here and isn’t the most exciting that I could have chosen but it is small and manageable. So I finished it this evening and while it’s not the most scintillating image (not even when I’ve drawn it!) I’m pleased with the result. I made a mistake when I did the ink wash over the stones on the right hand side, but apart from that it’s ok. The question is what to do next? At least next week I can do a cartoon – this week the husband asked me to refrain from cartoons to actually improve my ‘art’. He was probably right about that. I think I’ve learned some things this week. But cartoons are fun, fun, fun and we all need a bit of that!

Pen & ink, gouache on bristol board

(Oh yes, and I’m sorry about the theme. I did like it but my pictures looked squashed on the front page and I didn’t get round to fixing it so I chose a new one. Next week, tally ho!)


6 responses to “Forty-nine

  1. I like it very much:-) are your works adorning the walls at home or are you hiding them away? I guess I’ll see tomorrow:)

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