Well, look at little old me – posting my drawing before lunch! Must be a blue moon tonight…

Today’s drawings are really little watercolour paintings that are experiments using techniques suggested in a book from the library. I love my library. If the council had threatened to close it (which they didn’t, phew!) I would’ve fought tooth and nail, tooth and nail I tell you, to keep it open. But to return to the point: Shirley (Trevena, grande dame of renegade watercolourists going by her bio) suggests things like sanding the leads of your watersoluble coloured pencils into wet paint to get texture. I love it. You can see tiny weeny dots in the paintings below and that’s what they are. I didn’t have sand paper to hand so I used a file. The file looks gorgeous now – I should take a photo of it. I also drew with the pencils directly onto the wet paper which I haven’t done for ages. It was fun. It was freeing. I did enjoy myself and I won’t have to run home from home group tonight and hastily knock out a drawing because I’ve already done it. Satisfaction indeed! (And an early night, though I wish that also meant more sleep. Alas, I am finding it hard dropping off at the moment. Any suggestions welcome but not warm milk – yech!)


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