These days I have to read my own blog to find out what number I’m up to. Sheesh. My brain!

Today’s ‘umble off’ring is indeed an ‘umble one. I confess that even I do not like it. I had decided to go back to something I was doing a couple of years ago with embroidery – stitching pieces of drawn-and-painted-on tracing paper to fabric. I have done bits I like and there are other variations on this theme I want to experiment with, however, this one I just find a bit – not good really. I started with a pen and ink doodle which I should have ditched. That really was my mistake – the painting, stitching etc is ok. But then, the main thing, as you can see below, is the doodle really. I think it looks like a kind of weird foetus. My husband said – and this is a direct quote – that it looks like ‘a fox with a blue head dress on, its tongue sticking out and a bird standing on its tongue.’ Ahem. I’ll leave you to make up your mind on that one. So the only remaining thing to say is that my french knots are good!

Ink on tracing paper embroidered on to linen.


2 responses to “Forty-four

  1. Yes it is quite odd:) I can’t make out the fox but I can see a blue duck head with yellow beak, extended tongue and tiny bird perched on tongue:) glad you feeling better thou:)

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