Experimenting and playing today with watercolours and thread. The husband says it has an ‘aural quality’. Methinks this says more about his own internal preoccupations than about today’s offering. One shouldn’t kid oneself! Anyway, Aural Quality is what it’s now called. Meanwhile husband is wittering something in the background here – what’s that? Is it because I love you that I’ve called it Aural Quality? Sigh. Again, more about his own preoccupations than… 🙂

Watercolour and thread on 300 g/m² cold pressed paper (don’t you love all these details? makes it all seem much more pukka I think.)


4 responses to “Forty!

  1. I don’t know how I missed this one – he is so right though – you really can hear it! what a great watercolour:-)

    • Ah – just realised with shame – it was only last night you stuck it up!! I’d seen the date and thougt 9 Feb was weeks ago!!

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