So this is the first post where the title doesn’t match the date, a minor milestone I think. Maybe. Anyway, you want to know – have been waiting all day no doubt! – about my WIP (as discussed last post).  The WIP is currently tacked to the drawing board. I thought today that perhaps it might need fixing, that is in the get-the-graphite-stuck-to-the-paper way not the oh-no-this-drawing-is-terrible-lets-do-something-to-make-it-better way. You may (?) feel the latter but I can’t help you out there. Anyway, I haven’t fixed it yet and I doubt I’ll do so tomorrow given what it holds so you’ll have to wait a bit longer for that. In the meantime, you know those moments that you can see coming over the horizon, moments that you have kind of experienced before and you think to yourself: this time, I know what’s coming and I’ll meet it differently. You know those moments? Well, I had one today and at first I thought to myself, yes, I’ve done it this time, I have licked this thing! But then I realised that I haven’t, because some things just kind of hurt, don’t they? And since they come from somewhere mucky and messy, you  know that you can’t do much about them and if someOne else is doing something then you can’t really see exactly how He’s going about it.* But all that said, I must admit that mainly what I’ve been thinking about this whole episode you can see  in the cartoon below. And the observant among you may notice that I am wearing the same cardigan here as in the last cartoon. To which I reply, yes, I hardly take it off except to wash, once a week. I grieve until I get it back.

*By the way, I don’t normally capitalise pronouns relating to God – nor do I theologically advocate doing so – but to make it understandable in this small narrative I needed to. You can call it, ahem, artistic license…


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