One month (almost!) of doing a drawing a day. (There have been a couple of days when I’ve posted old drawings – I hope you don’t mind.) Only eleven months left to go and funnily enough it does seem doable. I’ve even thought that after December 31st I will probably continue. Anyway, back to today. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking that this blog’s purpose may be less ‘learning to draw’ and more finding the answers to the questions: ‘what do I want to draw and how?’ I don’t think I want to draw pictures with the sole aim of having them look as close to the real thing as possible. That is, I don’t want to draw a shaky copy of a mediocre photograph. There must be more to making a drawing than that. When I see drawings that are detailed and realistic I am fullof admiration for the skill, time, perseverance but (and I may be missing something here, it’s true) they don’t move me in the way that something ‘cruder’ by Matisse or Miro does. But do I still need to go the whole hog with realism to gain my technical chops before I can make the drawings that bring me joy? And what are they going to look like anyway? I am impatient to know. Meantime, I do love doing the doodles, the cartoons, that stuff. I’m not sure where that fits in.

Today’s drawing may not be your cup o’ tea. That’s ok. I haven’t finished it yet and I want to paint it too. So I suppose what I’m posting today is a work in progress – or a WIP as I’ve seen it called elsewhere. If it helps you in your looking, it is a kind of meditation on Col 4:2 ‘Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with thanksgiving’.

Graphite on Watercolour paper


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