There aren’t many people with whom I talk about my drawing. This is partially personal tendency and partially choice. Did you see the TED video of Derek Sivers telling us that goals, ambitions, are less likely to be realised if we talk about them? This whole area of being creative, being talented, excelling at something and recognised for it, has been and perhaps still is a bit difficult for me – particularly when you are married to someone gifted, however much you know they struggle with it. But I’ve realised that it is essentially separate from my desire to draw, paint, whatever else, which is about doing something – and doing it well – for the sake of itself and the delight that is to be found in it. Just because it is good.

Well, anyway, I start talking about not talking to get to the point that I do talk to a very few people and they are my home group from church who I see Thursday nights. They are encouraging and supportive and, alas, full of suggestions – one of them at least (Terry, my most fervent commenter). The rabbit wearing a suit was last week’s and this week’s is below. The trouble is that once he says them, I can’t get them out of my head. My beloved looked over my shoulder while I was drawing, “what do you think?” I asked him. “I don’t think Terry is a good influence on your art,” he said. I agree. (But he’s still a good friend. (Terry that is. (Not that my beloved isn’t my good friend. (Oh dear, this is getting complicated now!))))


2 responses to “Twenty-six

  1. I may not be a good influence, but at least a robot is far more interesting than an iron. In my opinion, of course. And the robot is exquisite.

  2. I was hesitant to share the new me story with you for the same reason put up by the TED talk man. I’ve noticed that I lose drive after being apprecaited for sthg.
    So, you have a looooooong way to go. Horrible art work. just terrible, but, your character seems to have found an admirer.


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