Today’s exercise was to tape two pencils together and draw the subject from the inside out. This is my only attempt – it’s late! – but I want to try this some more with other subjects. I liked the result quite a bit (are you allowed to say that about your own stuff?) even though the marks I’ve made don’t really describe the skin of the Clementine that I drew. But still… I like it!

Over the past week or so, I’ve enjoyed drawing more and more. I really look forward to doing it. And following the exercises in the book has increased my enjoyment by enabling me to make marks, draw in ways, I’ve never done before and wouldn’t have thought of doing by myself. Maybe a class with a live teacher would be even more fruitful (?) but this book has got to be darned close. And it is this book – or maybe I should say it’s this book for me that makes it work: I’ve looked at other books but none of them struck sparks like these. I doubt my drawings set you on fire; doubtless (hopefully!) they won’t me in a year or two. But I think the pleasure that these drawings give me will remain.



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