I’d wanted to move onto the 2nd exercise today, instead I cooked, read about wordpress, changed nappies, washed up – you know, the usual malarkey. I thought I could get down and do something tonight, as was my usual routine, but I just feel shattered. So instead I am posting a small doodle that I did yesterday. It’s supposed to be my daughter’s eye; it could be but it might not be because she just don’t keep still. But I quite liked it as a doodle and I did it with the ‘four finger knife’ pencil grip that I had been introduced to yesterday during the exercise. For some reason I think it really works for me in terms of being more able to feel the line. Does that sound nuts? Maybe, but I am hoping it’s the right kind of nuts! [What kind’s that? Don’t ask – she’s flipped now.]

4B pencil


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