This morning while the baby slept, I got out my small easel, set it up just to the right of the dining table and taped lining paper to it, and started drawing. Today I drew bananas five times – six if you count the mistake at the beginning using a HB pencil. I picked bananas because they were right there but mostly because they are from ‘nature’ and Mick and Jack – my new mentors – tell me that:

If you have only recently started to draw, then try to avoid symmetrical machine-made objects if possible. Your drawings of them will probably be inhibited, and they will tend to signal that you have failed to master their precise symmetry.’

Like an iron, Mick, Jack? Yup, like an iron. Ah, ok! Bananas it is then.

I’m putting the drawings down the page in the order I need them as per instructions.

One – 4B pencil taped to a 60cm stick

Two – 3B pencil taped to a 30cm stick

Three – 2B pencil held at its very end

Four – 2B pencil in the centre by four fingers in a knife hold

Five – Each of the above consecutively on the same drawing

My favourite is four – by five I was a bit tired and also comments were being made about its being lunchtime. For about half of drawing five the bananas were joined at the table by a plate of baked potato being consumed. What can I say? I guess a man got to eat.


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