This is an old drawing actually – you can see the date at the bottom – of my nearest and dearest. I haven’t drawn today and I decided early on that I would use the time to plan(!) for the rest of the week. So, I will be changing the time that I draw, hopefully, to earlier in the day and I will be following the exercises in a book, Drawing Projects: An Exploration of the Language of Drawing, that I borrowed from the library.

The initial exercises are designed to break you from habits of thought regarding what you think your drawing should look like and also to enable you to make different sorts of marks that you wouldn’t otherwise do. I am willing to risk this because I do think that my drawings are governed – on the whole – by a very narrow kind of expectation which doesn’t allow me to explore beyond the ‘usual-usual’ that I turn out.  It will be interesting to see what I draw when my pencil is attached to a 30 cm stick, or I have my eyes closed and can only feel the object that I’m attempting to describe graphically. It probably means for the three of you that read this that there will be a lot of scribbles to look at for the next couple of weeks – I don’t mind if you tune out for a fortnight and come back later!


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